by Jmelen

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released June 12, 2012

Songs written by Jmelen. Music by Jonathan Tramp. Album art by KalfLife. Chivalry Collective. IZRL RECORDS. 2012.



all rights reserved


Chivalry Collective Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: REDWINE
Lets meet for a drink and speak of how we got here
Talk about God, goals, dreams, hopes, and darkest fears
we both ever had
Better grab another, we’ll be here for some time
discussing our lives, YES, yours and mine
Let me have a glass of beer please, let me have a glass of wine
Combine them both to intertwine in a manner unrefined
Essence captured through late night intimate conversations
Hanging off a bar stool with a lot of patience

Driving late on the 5 freeway running in place
Can I get you to stay for ice cream & wine,
Strawberry cheesecake pinot noir or merlot???
Lets take it slow we have all night to get there
Enjoying simple pleasures sit still forever losing track of time
Ending nights right before the sun shines
Gotta get up early to start working, back & bones hurting
Forgetting body aches all by next morning
Whats the remedy??? Investing everything being next to me
Great delight so heavenly bringing out the best in me
Track Name: Happy Song
Canary lung chords drift through the wind with force
My baby doll porcelain in accord with sunny day portraits
Sharing fine wine so divine wide eyed in our time
Under sunshine formulation a relationship so sublime
Hands held with a heartbeat in unison
X’s and o’s caramel sweet giving me no reason to compare you and them
Above the rest head in the clouds
Reassuring my doubts and making me proud
Eyes all googly rolled backwards
Mind mushy chasing after you in a pepe le pew manner
Cupid shooting semi automatic weapons
Carrying a butterfly net with me captured
Heart on adrenaline doing the pitter-patter

Butterflies in the stomach
I L Y’s I love it
Butterflies in the stomach
I L Y’s I love it x2

Birds and the bees currently courting forming trust purposely
showing chivalry working on a sturdy bridge flirting
kisses the incentive the bonus id rather not mention
late nights held tight wake up and shower
to partake in rituals done after hours
love bird stung, cupid the conqueror already won
X’s & O’s the final score begging for more
Energy intense and a constant force
Using words to describe my passion
And the reason for a smile so infinite
Making my heart pulse intimate
Leaving me tongue tied and making me love life
Disappearing to cloud nine
Lost in your orbit end result something close to perfect
Track Name: Checkmate
Crimson red laser beams and warships
Behold a homicidal courtship
Where everything is measured
by which words are wisely used by the wordsmith
Tangled in a web where we both misconstrue
The definition of perfect
befuddled by smoke and mirrors
Planting thoughts to paint pictures
Enter a faulty dream sequence
Where we both dismember are schemes frequent
Unidentified bogeys aiming the bulls eye on each others’ weakness
Prepare for the ultimate tug of war by risking
everything including these 32 pieces
settle down let the clock run
and focus on the board
bishop knight rook pawn
missing something more?
Queen king all aboard
en garde full force
matching my moves to yours

Check please /check mate
Games played/ death waits
Take me to a safe place
Break me/get paste
Hasty revenge plates
Race at a crazy pace
Ready for the next date?
GO before it gets late

Put your guard down for a night out with a night owl
Gain your trust to the point where u no longer sigh doubts
White flag commencement persuading you
to sign on a dotted line shower you with gifts
trojan horse in mind with no understanding of what my goal is
cloak and dagger
you know at which point
I thrust and twist (gotcha)
no not yet
Still much more left to gain confidence
Don’t worry babe im working hard
Breaking backs often meant
Blood and sweat
with words that pierced Teflon vests
gaining access to the box in your chest
traveling to connect
with the mush in your head
lungs lost breath, woozy legs
but you covered up a front
already steps ahead

Check please /check mate
Games played/ death waits
Take me to a safe place
Break me/get paste
Hasty revenge plates
Race at a crazy pace
Ready for the next date?
GO before it gets late

ill twiddle thumbs til the pictures hung
or til im old and gray with brittle lungs
push and pull whos the winner? none!!!
Middle finger flung
by way of
a crystal clear pun
Knight wont budge
so I move only cuz im forced to
but my true intent is only to serve you
love being the final score on both ends
huff and puff til were both dead
cats game but situations like this rarely end that way
final efforts adding up to a bad break
take that!!! Wait
recalculate every single move
back to the drawing board
too late nothing more done
oh where did we go wrong
im assuming when the fat lady rung
her grand finale of a song
Track Name: Friend/Lover
On a bender bent backwards, bones break
Agoraphobe descending needing more space
Both weights at close range on a tightrope
mimicking a balance that pivots in the middle
push and pull causing me to swivel
drop in a frenzy with no safety net
something wrong cause I’m playing with death
choose your weapons wisely, sharpen up the sickle
bagpipes marching with blood drops starting to trickle
down the spine to align in your great design
wrapped around you finger
come one come all to view the human pretzel
linger like a lost pup looking for a home
but you pushed me aside and left me alone
blowing whistles and snapping fingers whenever you wanted

dead dog with wagging tongue weak tail pulsing flat line
all bets off shooting craps snake eyes in a winner take all
embraced like I’m the enemy whos pride you have to break
take lives in such a haste and make no mistake
I laid in the bed you made deprived sleep
Blindly working for something that wasn’t mine to keep
Whistle while I work to ignore the labor
Becoming a stranger developing fits of anger
Rocking back and forth reassuring myself everything will work
So naïve, blind faith applied
Surely relationships end like the ones televised
Im a sucker for multiplex hype
We have to end in sunshine right???

Friend lover lover friend where the fuck does this relationship end??
Friend lover lover friend where the fuck does this relationship end??

Somewhat memorable the day you wanted to leave
For the fact you made it hard to breath
Crafty with sharp objects making my heart bleed
Grabbing your car keys and simultaneously leaving your markings
Bitch was territorial carving tally points for every victim
Next in line doomed via kisses zombie process leaving me indifferent
Carcass tied and dragged through a road of lies and facts
Ferocious appetite for destruction causing her to dine and dash
Demolition diva with dynamite bricks armed to blast
Promised shed never harm
but nowadays I commemorate with flags at half mast
Track Name: Playing Parts featuring Jonathan Tramp
That night my room got a little colder
Woke up the next morning and you were gone
I called you but
you never called me back
You texted me all the reasons why
We went wrong
Im not a model citizen
Im not perfect Christian
I don’t
Believe in the man upstairs
But babe I promise you that I
Really care
Isn’t that enough?
Isn’t that enough?
But you still wanted time and space
Both hoping we’d be ok

I need to forget your name
To succeed in this game
(Jonathan Tramp)

Hope with a source
We tried to work it out
But each argument fueled us with doubts
Prolonging sunny moments
under stormy clouds
we held each other
insuring that the bond would only get stronger
pillars of a sturdy bridge engulfed in flames
we pointed fingers
without taking blame
and why would we?
When we were both born with stubborn tendencies
Catch phrase
You’ll never find someone better than me
Hook link and sinker
Enough to run back to each other’s arms
And express our deepest apologies

I need to forget your name
To succeed in this game
(Jonathan Tramp)

Iridescent portraits in black and white
Each action done out of spite
Despise me if you’d like
at the point of no return
crossing lines into endgames
each move dragging time
to extend play
yelling vulgarities of mayday
holding hands in melee
what we wanted
wasn’t the same thang
untimely collapse
sometimes finding each other
to get in contact
as a reminder
of our lovely combat
I Love You
But please don’t come back

I need to forget your name
To succeed in this game
(Jonathan Tramp)